About cFog

IoT is breaking new ground in the arena of connected device and smart networks. An upshot of such proliferation is humongous volume of data that these sensors generate. We believe that with right technology we can solve problems that arise from this data avalanche.

We leverage best-in-class technologies in machine learning, artificial intelligence, edge computing, cloud computing, and predictive analysis to develop a platform that delivers breakthrough business value. We call it cFog. We set about with a mission to revolutionize (reinvent) the way the business can use the data to gain actionable insights and adopt proactive approach to mitigate risks.

cFog is an integrated system of AI-based edge node with pluggable sensors and devices to monitor real-time parameters to provide actionable insights. The platform is versatile, self-evolving, and adaptable.

Our flexible software architecture and robust hardware makes it easy to deploy our solution across the industry domains with minimal lead times . Be it aqua farming, agriculture, transportation & logistics, city infrastructure management, we are up to the challenge.


Our goal is to build a $500M IoT business in the next 5 years that specializes in context aware fog computing solutions with machine learning capabilities for non-carpeted spaces.